Bulk Pack - Winter Product Bundles

Bulk Pack - Winter Product Bundles

Bulk Pack - Winter Product Bundles

Winter Salt Caddy Bundle

Winter Salt Caddy Pack

Winter Salt Caddy PackHandy bundle for home use.Wheeled 50L Salt Caddy holds the contents of up to 2 bags of salt for easily manoeuvring. 2 bags of Wh...
NOW £55.00was £66.76
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Winter Basics Bundle

Winter Basics Pack

Winter Basics PackThis little pack covers the basics - enough to get your car out of the driveway at least.5 bags of White Rock Salt or Rock Salt Grit...
NOW £56.00was £66.90
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Winter car safety bundle - exoTHAW

Winter Car Safety Pack

Winter Car Safety PackThis little bundle is your car safety essentials to keep you moving on the roads2 x 6kg tubs of either exoTHAW, White or Brown s...
NOW £58.00was £69.00
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Winter Mini Grit Bin Bundle

Winter MINI Grit Bin Pack

Winter MINI Grit Bin PackIdeal winter pack for the home or small office userThis pack has a Mini Grit Bin (50L). Its black base and black lid make it ...
NOW £105.00was £125.00
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Winter Grit Bin Bundle

Winter Grit Bin Pack

Winter Grit Bin PackAn essential winter bundle for businesses, schools and residential useThis grit bin pack contains250kg Grit Bin - Black/Yellow - l...
NOW £215.00was £256.45
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Winter Essentials Bundle

Winter Essentials Pack

Winter Essentials PackThis is a comprehensive pack for most of what you will need to at least get you started for the winter.Winter Essentials pack co...
NOW £580.00was £684.63
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Winter Professional Bundle

Winter Professional Pack

Winter Professional PackThis is the bundle of choice for those serious about preparing for the winter.Salt Whizzard™ Professional Commercial Salt Spre...
NOW £630.00was £744.63
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