De-Icer Choice

De-Icer Choice

How to choose which de-icer is best for you

Natural Salt

White Rock Salt

White 'Rock Salt' may be a solar (marine or lake) salt which has been extracted from a salt-water body and sun-dried to form crystals. It contains very little impurities. It has a larger grain size similar to the Rock Salt Grit and is suitable for all locations and spreading methods. 

White Rock Salt has less residue and so is cleaner and preferred for use on footpaths and around entrances.  

Rock Salt Grit - Brown Salt

Rock Salt Grit is the Brown Salt that is used by the Roads Service. It contains a natural grit (called 'marl') which comes from the siltstone and mudstone from which it is mined. The grit provides an extra level of grip under-foot and for road traffic. 

Brown Rock Salt Grit is a lot messier than white salt leaving a brown residue but does provide better grip.

Non-Salt De-Icer

exoTHAW Calcium Chloride De-Icer

Non-Salt de-icer is less corrosive to tarmac, concrete and metals and is safer for use around plants and animals. 

exoTHAW can be used hand-scattered or in pedestrian spreaders. It has stricter storage methods due to its hygroscopic nature which draws in moisture and so needs to be stored sealed indoors.

exoTHAW is faster acting due to its exothermic nature, i.e. it creates heat which aids the melting process. 

It is effective down to as low as -32°C (normal salt works down to -6°C)

Liquid De-Icer

Liquid de-icer acts immediately and is suited for use on machinery and vehicles. It is also useful for preparation of areas where granular salt may be dispersed by wind or by rolling from rooves for example. 

Extreme De-icer Liquid De-icer

Extreme De-icer is available in 5L bottles which can be used neat or diluted in trigger spray bottles or in pressure sprayers for your desired application.

Runway liquid de-icer

Isomex3 is an Aviation Authority approved liquid de-icer : FAA approved for use on military and civilian runways and helipads. 

It is certified to work as low as -50°C and prevents ice forming for up to 48 hours (providing it hasn't been washed away)