Winter MINI Grit Bin Pack

Winter Mini Grit Bin Bundle

Winter MINI Grit Bin Pack

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Winter MINI Grit Bin Pack

Ideal winter pack for the home or small office user

This pack has a Mini Grit Bin (50L). Its black base and black lid make it less conspicuous than traditional grit bins.

It is also easier to move when it contains salt, so can be moved out of the way after winter.

  • 1 50 Litre Mini Grit Bin (Black)
  • 2 bags of White Rock Salt or Rock Salt Grit - whichever is your preference
  • 1 Scoop Scatter Spreader to easily scatter the salt

(Note: The Marine Salt is not suitable for use in push broadcast spreaders)

** NOTE : Images are for illustration purposes only, actual product packaging may differ

Winter Mini Grit Bin Pack